F2R stellt RB730 ein

F2R RB 730

Hope this email finds you well.

Back in 2009 we launched RB730, our first electric roadbook. It was a major impulse for our brand and business.

RB730 has introduced lot's of amateur riders in roadbook navigation and, even it was developed for on-road and light off-road, it has been used in a lot of rallies around the world.

Personally, it was my first contact with the F2R brand and it served me very well at my amateur rallies.

Since we launched the RB850 Rally, RB730 sales have been decreasing considerably.

We truly believe that RB850 can cover all the Rally and On-Road market, with the right accessories.

We will soon announce a new set of accessories for the RB850 to make it quite easy to mount and use on all kind of off-road and on-road motorcycle roadbook navigation contexts.

With those upgrades on RB850 Rally, we have stopped RB730 production,

RB730 will be sold on our webstore until stock break.

All spare parts and accessories will be kept available on our website and we'll keep servicing these units as we do with all our products.

Dealers can still sell RB730 as long as they have their own stock.

In these modern times we will continue to put most of our research and development effort on the digital path.

Hope you can understand our position.

Feel free to contact us if you need further information.

Henrique Lopes - General Manager


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